Session 2: Exploiting Machine Learning

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Exploiting Exploiting Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

May 22, 2018 at 14:00

Chair: Allan Mink

Managing Partner, Systems Spirit

Chair: Scott Winn



Dr. Donald Miner

Donald Miner specializes in large-scale data analysis enterprise architecture and applying machine learning to real-world problems. Donald is author of the O’Reilly book “MapReduce Design Patterns”, and the O’Reilly reports “Hadoop with Python” and “What You Need To Know About Hadoop”. He has architected and implemented dozens of mission-critical and large-scale data analysis systems within the U.S. Government and Fortune 500 companies. He has applied machine learning techniques to analyze data across several verticals, including financial, retail, telecommunications, healthcare, government intelligence, and entertainment. He lives in Maryland with his wife and three young sons.


Karl MacMillan

Karl is a creative software developer with substantive experience in computer security, operating system design and implementation, image processing and recognition, audio processing, and open source. Software that he created ships as part of several commercial products, open source projects, and the Linux kernel.

In addition to writing software, he has experience in development team leadership, managing a division of approximately 30 people, and corporate executive management. He has published numerous papers, co-authored a book, and regularly speaks publicly.