C4I & Cyber Center Research Review 2023

This session will give highlight selected research projects of the C4I & Cyber Center with an emphasis on C2 And Cyber Security topics.


0930 – Welcome (Dr. Paulo Costa) [slides]

0940 – Rapid Prototyping Research Center Research Overview (Dr. Raj Raghavan) [slides]

1000 – Find Me If You Can: Uncovering and Protecting Anonymized Communication Channels (Dr. Bob Simon) [slides]

1020 – Information Acquisition in the Age of Large Language Models (Dr. Ziyu Yao) [slides]

1040 – Quantifying Cyber Security in Supply Chains and Advanced Manufacturing (Dr. Paulo Costa) [slides]

1100 – Forging a Path to the Future: Developing Alternative Navigation of Interplanetary Space Using Cosmic Thermal Radiation (Major Pedro Albuquerque) [slides]

1120 – Hardware for Secure Autonomy (Dr. Tanvir Arafin) [slides]

1140 – Developing a System to Improve Response to Traffic Accidents: Drones as First Responders (Dr. Michael Hieb) [slides]

1200 – Adjourn

9:30 am - 12:00 pm

HUB ballroom and lobby